Availability and Rates

The unit is available for rent on a per-week basis (minimum) from September 1st – May 31st. Due to park rules, we don’t rent the unit during the months of June, July, or August.

January, February, March of 2013 have already been booked.

If you’d like to be added to the waiting list, please email Robin.

Please note, the months of January, February, and March get rented very quickly, and often a year in advance. The weekly rent for these months is also higher than other months, although we think you’ll find our rates are less than half what the park charges for similar units, regardless of time of year.

The rates for April, 2011 through May, 2012 are as follows:

                                                            September, October.........................$400/week

                                                            November, December......................$500/week

                                                            January, February, March................$600/week

                                                            April, May.........................................$400/week

We require a deposit of 1/2 the average weekly rate (example: if you stay in October, the deposit is $200). The deposit will be returned to you in full if the there are no losses or damages to the property during your stay, and if the unit is left as you found it. We require an additional deposit of $50 for non-shedding pets, which will be returned to you in full if the property is left clear of scratches and other types of potential animal damage.


There are two instances in which a non-refundable “housekeeping surcharge” of $40 will apply, and must be paid in advance of your stay:

  1. 1)In the event we agree to let you rent the unit for a period of less than one week, and;

  2. 2)For reservations made less than a week before arrival.

What the Rental Rate Covers

Cleaning & Set Up Before Your Arrival

(except for “Surcharges” above):

The unit will be clean and ready for your arrival. You are responsible for cleaning the unit while you’re in the unit (we provide basic cleaning equipment and you might find some cleaning supplies on hand). Please note the above regarding surcharges.

Electric, Heating, and Air Conditioning:

The cost of electricity, heating, and air conditioning is covered in the rental rate. If, however, your use of electricity exceeds the average weekly cost for the time of year you’re renting, we will notify you of this, and make arrangements for you to cover the additional expense.

Cable TV:

Both televisions in the unit are connected to Sun-N-Fun’s cable service: 63 of Comcast’s basic cable channels. If you don’t find the TV channel listings near the televisions in the unit, the park provides its listing sheet which can be gotten at the main office.

In-home WIFI:

Although the Park offers WIFI “hot spots”, our unit is equipped with WIFI from Comcast. There is no additional charge for this, although we don’t guarantee that the router will be working properly. You’ll need to log-in to our network with a password provided in a booklet you’ll find when you arrive. If you’re unable to successful log-in, we’re not technically skilled enough to assist you.

Use of all Sun-N-Fun Amenities and Activities:

As a renter of the unit, you’re entitled to take part in all of the resorts over 150 weekly programs and activities — providing you adhere to the park’s rules and regulations, which are quite reasonable (a copy of the park’s rules is in the unit). For more about what you’ll find at the park visit www.sunnfunfl.com.

Payment Information:

Payment is due in full prior to your arrival at the unit. We accept PayPal, cash, and checks which have cleared our bank before your stay commences. Please note the above regarding surcharges.